If you Believe
you Can or Can't
you're right!

Recognise there is
a another way
Dream Big & Define
your Why
Commit and stay
Laser Focussed
Take Massive Action
in a short time frame

a Free Lift…
now Go Beyond!


About Team Taurus

Team Taurus is home of the leading U.K Organo Gold Independent Distribution Team.
The Primary Focus of ‘Team Taurus’ is to be the most successful Organo Gold Team in the U.K.
This site was created for our team as a Training Resource, but if you found it, we are happy to share, if it helps you on your journey too.
And…. If YOU want to change your life, create some financial stability, or have some of life’s finer luxuries for you and your family and…..  appreciate You have to do the NetWORK required, we would be happy to hear from you.


4 Steps
to Success

Mon Weekly,
7 – 9pm (Webinar)
Wed Weekly,
6 – 8pm Livingroom, Manchester

The ‘4 Steps to Success’ are the corner stone to success in your OG Business. This training should be a priority for ALL New Distributors.

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90 Day Game Plan

1on1 or Small Groups
1-2 hours

A 90 Day Game Plan Interview sets the New Distributor up for Success with a clear ‘roadmap’ of both activities and goals for next 90-180 days.

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Call Party
& Call Drive

1on1 or Groups,
2-3 hours

A Call Party is an optional ‘Practical Skills Coaching’ session to either help New Distributors build their confidence on the Invite/Retail Calls or to fine tune existing Distributors’ skills on the phone.

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Presenting Skills

1x Monthly
for Groups

2-3 hours

So you now have a team and want to improve your Presenting Skills in both Content delivery, Captivating the Audience and Closing Out at the end. Book this session with one of the Sapphire Leaders.

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