Global CJM

Organo Gold declared the first Saturday of every month to be “CJM Saturday.” CJM of course is referring to OG’s Coffee Jazz Mixers — events which provide the perfect platform to share the OG products and business opportunity.

The goal of a Coffee Jazz Mixer

is to not only showcase the products, the benefits of Ganoderma and the OG business, but to provide all Distributors with a quick and easy way to show and sell products to people outside of their social circle, thus increasing the customer base and attracting new Distributors.

To support all OG Distributors, from experienced to new, OG have established one Saturday a month as Global CJM day. OG hoped to encourage OG Distributors to regularly organize these super successful CJMs, and Team Taurus have risen to the occasion by bringing together Distributors and Guests alike from….

All over the U.K