About us

A few words about us

The Team

Team Taurus is home of the leading U.K Organo Gold Independent Distribution Team.

Founded by Mr Shaun Adams in 2014 after being sponsored directly by OrGano Gold’s No1 Earner, Mr Jose Ardon.
The Primary Focus of ‘Team Taurus’ has been to both be the most successful OrGano Gold Team in the U.K, with not just one Millionaire Earner but a team of super successful Earners, brought about entirely through following Napoleon Hill’s principle of

“Help others get what they want and you will get what you want.”

This site was originally created for our team as a Training Resource, but we are happy to share, if it helps you on your journey too.

And…. If YOU want to change your life, create some financial stability, or have some of life’s finer luxuries for you and your family and…..  appreciate You have to do the NetWORK required, we would love to hear from you.

Why choose us

We are Laser Focused.

and on track to be the No1 Team in the UK, with many high earners, achieved by helping others become successful first.

Sponsored by OG #1.

Our Team Leader is sponsored by Organo Gold’s No 1 Earner, Jose Ardon, also one of highest earners globally in all Network Marketing.

Training at it’s best.

We are recognised as having THE best training and support in Organo Gold UK.

Our team

  • Jose Ardon

    Crown Ambassador : Jose Ardon was born in Honduras, and...

  • Shaun Adams

    Ruby Consultant : Shaun had a humble beginning in the...

  • Rob Pringle

    Sapphire Consultant :  Rob typifies the principles of Think and...

Our Team Principles

Loyalty & Unity

Loyalty to both your own Dreams and Goals, Loyalty to your fellow Team and Loyalty to your Sponsor with respectful and passionate Edification are the corner stone of team Team Taurus.

One TEAM, One Dream

We strongly believe that ANYONE can succeed in this business and not just a few special snowflakes. Therefore; One Team, One Dream, Many Winners.

Help others to help yourself

“Whatever you want in life, including Wealth – just help others get what they want and You will get what you want” Napoleon Hill – Our team follow this principle as if Law and you will Never go a miss to find a Distributor and Team Leader in Team Taurus to support you.

Follow the System

Many a merry man has tried to NOT follow the System and paid the price of taking longer to achieve their Goals. Part of being Coachable is Not figuring out How to Do it, but applying yourself to an existing proven System. Do us all a favour – follow the system!

Be Coachable

One of the most important principles in entering the world of Network Marketing and especially in a Fast Growing team like Team Taurus – is BE COACHABLE – set the Ego aside and accept there are new skills to be learned – Be Coachable and the you will encourage the support of some amazing Coaches and OG Leaders.

Project 2k in 2015-16

Project 2k is Team Taurus’ commitment to starting 2000 new Distributors in 2016. This equals over 100 Sapphire Leaders, 40 Ruby Consultants, 15 Emeralds and 5 Diamonds. Meaning… there is room for everyone to be successful in Team Taurus.