Exposure to Closure

Many people new to MLM make mistake after ‘showing the plan’, sending a Video Presentation Video or hosting a CJM (EXPOSURE) of asking…..
“What do you think?”
Eric WORRE (GoPro) says this is the Worst thing you can do…. And the only reason to have an exposure is to set up the next exposure

This rocked MY head when I first read this as I’d always believed – Exposure – was to “get them signed up”.

Jose said “each exposure is to educate them on your product and or generate further interest in the Business Opportunity.”

The reality is many people need ‘multiple’ exposures of making a decision.

But if you have hosted a CJM you must before they leave agree a FOLLOW UP time.

At the end of a CJM the simple question you are going to ask is NOT “what do you think” but…

1. “What did you like about the Organo Gold opportunity most?”

If they mention The Coffee… You take them through to the Coffee area and show them all the different flavours and sell them some Coffee.
If they say anything Business/Opportunity related …. If there, immediately plug them into a Senior Distributor present.

The next question you can ask is along the lines of
2. “on a scale of 1-10 (name) where are you in Wanting to Get Started?”

If they’ve answered positive about the business and they give you a high 8-10 – begin the sign up process.

5-7 – book the next Exposure. By saying (“name, you’re going to want to know more before you begin another cash flow stream in your life, the best way would be to”….)
1. Invite to another meeting /1on1.
Or 2. Big Event (powerful)
Or 3. Arrange 3-Way Call with your upline.
(Don’t forget you have to EDIFY your Upline first)
(Cash Cow CD)

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