Going back to those who said NO!

I’m reminded of what Jose told me early on about keeping the relationship alive. As for some even though they like the OG concept of making money – the timing is simply wrong! And there may only be a 2-3 month window in a whole year where they are ‘Open’

Such instances might be;

-had an argument with boss and their job feels not so ‘secure’ any more.
-a stable contract may now have a time limit on it and they want to prepare.
-new child on way and they need to start making extra cash for one less income.
-they LOST Job.
-they couldn’t afford the holiday they wanted in summer and felt disappointment from their family.
-they couldn’t afford to buy their partner/family the perfect Xmas gift as funds too low.
-they got an unexpected tax bill.
-they become worried about mounting Credit Card Debt.
-they just read in Forbes, their pension isn’t going to give them ANY quality of life later on.
-they want to buy a house and don’t have deposit.
-a child announced they want to become a doctor and they read it’s like £120,000 in fees over 5 years.
-their Self Employed business just had a tight few month patch and they don’t like relying anymore on one income stream.

They’ve reflected on 2014 and want to really change their lives in general and a New Business Opportunity with potential of Full Time Income from part time Work just became appealing.

So Yes, a follow up call to ignite old flickering flames is 100% worth it.

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