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Are you Working with your Sponsor/Mentor?

Presently I am working with 3 Mentors: Jose Ardon - Crown Ambassador Ivan Tapia - Black Diamond Daniel Grennon - Blue Diamond I share this for the importance of being plugged in - Daniel is Not part of Jose's team - but if you are ACTIVE and either on a role to Sapphire, or are Sapphire + and your...
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You have to Picture it, to Achieve it

But what happens if you can’t Picture it as it is so far from where you are right now?

Thank you and credit to Mr Holton Buggs
and Napoleon Hill World Learning Centre.

Going Gold

Well Done those who just want! Gold (Alison, James, Even) Going GOLD is THE most important step, not just in stocking Your Business for Success, or even that you get DOUBLE Dual Team Bonus (for first 2 months while you bring in more people), but it is the most Powerful Mental Investment and you can make...
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