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Presenting: Logic vs Laughter

We all know "People Buy People" Well something you may Not know is: "People process and justify Logically, but BUY EMOTIONALLY" This means we have to be Super Careful in presenting the plan that with a Presentation already loaded with Fact and Logic WE... Do Not add further Facts and Logic. Especially if Not calibrated with what...
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Shut the Hell Up!

In this short Audio file - I share my experience and dangers of interrupting the 'OG Expert' when they are 'closing out' at the end of the Presentation. The same second the Expert/Speaker finishes his Presentation - TURN ON THE MUSIC (Or the silence invites questions from the group and one person alone can kill it for all.) You...
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Exposure to Closure

Many people new to MLM make mistake after 'showing the plan', sending a Video Presentation Video or hosting a CJM (EXPOSURE) of asking..... "What do you think?" Eric WORRE (GoPro) says this is the Worst thing you can do.... And the only reason to have an exposure is to set up the next exposure This rocked MY head...
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