Call Party & Call Drives

‘Call Drives’

are one of the most important activities a Distributor must do to get early and ongoing success and growth in their Network Marketing Business. Sometimes however, even as simple as a 60-90 second ‘Invite Call’ should be, still for many reasons new Distributors can find themselves avoiding the phone or struggle to build it into their weekly diary.

We at Team Taurus recognised this early on and rather than leave these individuals to do the ‘Call Drives’ on their own, we have Team Leaders organise group ‘Call Parties’. Which both build confidence, grow team spirit, ensure a New Distributor gets early results and has some fun too (although we can’t promise the Pizza will be as healthy as our Coffee!).

“I’d rather get together with someone willing for a few hour ‘Call Party’ as opposed to a 6 month ‘Pity Party’ of why it’s not working for them”     Shaun Adams

A Call Party is an optional ‘Practical Skills Coaching’ session to either help New Distributors build their confidence on the Invite/Retail Calls or to fine tune existing Distributors’ skills on the phone.

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