Essential Learning

Black to Gold

by Mr Shane Morand, Organo
(Free Podcast, Audio)

Want to know EXACTLY what to do in your first 60 days in OG?

If you are new to the business you’d be crazy not to grab a notepad, grab your OG coffee and lock yourself away for an hour or two!
Shane takes you through step by step both the OG Presentation, Compensation Plan and Fast Track to Sapphire Leader and beyond.

Black to Gold by Shane MorandGet your FREE copy of Black to Gold here,


Cash Cow

by Mr Holton Buggs, Organo
(CD, Audio) [acquire/purchase from your Sponsor]

Like an OG Super Event in Audio format.
Every New OG Distributor should start here and listen to Cash Cow immediately from joining Organo: this will excite you, inspire you, guide you and help you wipe away the cobwebs from your true earning potential. Delivered by Mr Holton Buggs, the EVP of Sales for Organo and also the #1 earner in the world of Network Marketing. Paying Attention?

Cash CowYou can purchase your copy of Cash Cow here,

or speak with your upline to loan a copy, or purchase a copy from one of the weekly meetings.
But… whatever it takes start listening to this No1 OG Tool immediately.


Go Pro

by Eric Worre
(Book & Audio)

Have a new Team? Want to know how to get them started right for huge success?

This is an in-depth Step by Step guide to improve your Network Marketing Skills, Learn crucial elements of ‘launching’ a new team member and common mistakes to avoid.

You can purchase your copy of Go Pro here


Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill
(Book & Audio)

Got some Momentum? or hit your glass ceiling?

This is the book that inspired ALL the elite earners in Organo Gold (Holton Buggs, Shane Morand, Jose Ardon) and has influenced more millionaires than any book on the Planet!

Think and Grow Rich is the Best Selling Success Book in the World… and is now available in an elegantly bound and  illustrated  OG EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR’S EDITION.  Napoleon Hill, is considered, THE MAKER OF MILLIONAIRES and Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich has sold more than 60 million copies worldwide. This is the cornerstone of both the Wealth mentality and a powerful read on how to set and believe in the achievement of YOUR Goals.

napoleon hill

You can purchase your copy of Think & Grow Rich here


“Whether you Believe you Can or Can Not
You’re Right!”