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Are you Working with your Sponsor/Mentor?

Presently I am working with 3 Mentors: Jose Ardon - Crown Ambassador Ivan Tapia - Black Diamond Daniel Grennon - Blue Diamond I share this for the importance of being plugged in - Daniel is Not part of Jose's team - but if you are ACTIVE and either on a role to Sapphire, or are Sapphire + and your...
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Shut the Hell Up!

In this short Audio file - I share my experience and dangers of interrupting the 'OG Expert' when they are 'closing out' at the end of the Presentation. The same second the Expert/Speaker finishes his Presentation - TURN ON THE MUSIC (Or the silence invites questions from the group and one person alone can kill it for all.) You...
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Going back to those who said NO!

I'm reminded of what Jose told me early on about keeping the relationship alive. As for some even though they like the OG concept of making money - the timing is simply wrong! And there may only be a 2-3 month window in a whole year where they are 'Open' Such instances might be; -had an argument...
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