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Welcome Columbia to the Organo Gold Family

“The opening of Colombia signifies the continued demand for ORGANO™’s premium products in Latin America,” stated Bernardo Chua, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ORGANO™. “We look forward to serving the people of Colombia who are seeking to make ORGANO™ products a part of their active lifestyle.”

“Colombia is now part of the ORGANO™ family due to the high demand for our products. And for a country with a rich coffee history, that is quite a compliment.” added ORGANO™ Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand.

“In such a diverse and growing economy as Colombia, people are looking for convenient premium products,” stated Holton Buggs, Executive Vice President of International Sales at ORGANO™. “We provide a high-demand, premium product along with a business opportunity unique among coffee companies.”


Exposure to Closure

Many people new to MLM make mistake after 'showing the plan', sending a Video Presentation Video or hosting a CJM (EXPOSURE) of asking..... "What do you think?" Eric WORRE (GoPro) says this is the Worst thing you can do.... And the only reason to have an exposure is to set up the next exposure This rocked MY head...
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