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Another… Sapphire Award for Team Taurus

Rob Pringle Award

Congratulations to Rob Pringle,
another Sapphire Consultant for Team Taurus.

Rob a Telecoms Director by trade when asked HOW to get to Sapphire he replied:


Just stick to the system! really…. stick to the system. I bucked it for nearly a year and did my own thing, then just a few months ago made a commitment to stick to the system and started getting the results that had alluded me for a year.

But the other key factor in getting any great momentum was attending the OG Event in Las Vegas. Shaun and Jose had both been telling me that “People join Organo Gold, but only become committed after attending a Major OG Event” and this was so true as I came back from Vegas and within 6 weeks hit Sapphire! Yes, follow the system and get yourself and your team to an OG Event / Convention.


Congratulations Rob! Now onwards to Ruby and beyond!