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Team Taurus Welcomes Holton Buggs


OG Super Saturday ------------------------------------------------------- Executive Vice President ------------------------------------------------------- ****Holton Buggs****


* Raising the BAR * The Power of Ganoderma * Create a Retail Explosion * Awaken the Diamond Within * Ask the Experts

Everything you didn't know & need to know to add £2,000-...

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New Organo Gold UK No1, Ruby Consultant: Shaun Adams

Ruby and Sapphires Celebrate

Team Taurus are super excited to have our Team Leader Shaun Adams achieve the prestigious rank of Ruby Consultant in Organo Gold in the month of April 2015. With only 2 Ruby Consultants Leaders in the whole of the UK now including Shaun, we really are privileged to have him leading, inspiring and mentoring our team here in the UK.


Shaun is amazing and I guarantee will be an industry Legend! He knows the system, is a great Leader and one of the Best Trainers I have ever met!
– Jose Ardon, Crown Ambassador Diamond (OG No1)

It is also worth noting that Shaun became the No1 in the whole UK last month for ‘fastest team growth’, ranking also 2nd in Europe and No 16 in the world! Little surprise that our team added ’50’ new distributors in the month of April and 4 new countries (Nigeria, Norway, Sweden and Finland).

With a whole team of Sapphire Leaders, many going Ruby themselves in months to come, Shaun is well on his way to the No1 UK Diamond for Organo Gold.

Need to Generate 2000 OG Volume FAST?

So it's the end of the month and you are soooo close to that next PIN level, be it 'Platinum Achiever', Sapphire or beyond. But you are missing a few thousand volume. Here is a very powerful script, both I and my team have used effecitvely to generate that missing few thousand volume (fast). And... if...
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