30 Days to Make or Break a Habit

WITH  a Laser Focussed Disciplined Consistency
that Guarantee your Success


when you have a life time of habits that do NOT include Network Marketing – it is fair to say that the actions and SKILLS required to rapidly grow your OG business – are NOT built into you….

so HOW do you get these NEW SKILLs

1. Identify Which Skills you need: e.g Growing a Network List, Making CJM Invites, Showing the Presentation
2. Add the above to your Task List
3. (to get the Habit of Consistency and Discipline) – commit dedicated times to your Calendar
4. take Massive Action!!!!

e.g in forming new Habits I had the following added to my Diary on Repeat and Blocked out……

8am – Listen to recorded Millionaire Mentorship Call
9am – Know where I am – Review all teams Volume (I have started to realise the team are kicking in only mid month!)
1330-1430 – List Building – growing adding card from weekend and Identifying New (Suspects) Prospects
1800-1900 – Retail Calls

Tue, Wed
1400-1600 – CJM Invites

Thu regular CJM at my house
(this is in addition to supporting my teams CJMs)

NOT many and definitely NOT the full list – but these are just HABITS I wanted to get into and thus I blocked out only a few hours to get them into my regular routine.>..

remember… “It takes 30 days to make or break a habit”

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