Are you a NEW Distributor?

Are you a NEW Distributor?
Do you have NEW Distributors?

One of THE most important Steps in getting Started to get your OG Business off to a Huge Success is…..

the Fast Start Training
(Includes 90 Day Game Plan)

Typically done with an experienced Team Leader
(not always your Sponsor) covering:

Personal Goal Setting
the Back Office
Understanding the Difference between Unilevel and Dual Team.
The 4 Steps to Success:
Becoming a Product of the Product
Setting up the AUTOSHIP
Building a LIST
How to get Retail Customers
Booking 4 CJMs
How to Invite
Plugging into the System (training, Events etc)
Growing Fast or Slow
The 20/20 Plan
Fast Track to Success 90-180 day Game Plan
Growing Fast or Slow
Going Gold
Agreeing 1st Objectives

Ideally a New Distributor should be booked in for this within 24-48 hours of joining. Either with You or experienced Team Leader (“remember YOU are never the authority you think you are with those you personally Sponsor” Shane Morrand”)

Need this training for yourself or team member?
Have one of your team sponsored someone recently who hasn’t had this 2 hour session?

Get in touch FAST and speak with your Upline Fast!

+ maybe YOU or a Team Member need a Fresh start?
Then this session is perfect to get you going again.
Do you need this? Easier question…..
Do you have 6 Legs in your Business?

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