Going Gold

Well Done those who just want! Gold (Alison, James, Even)

Going GOLD is THE most important step, not just in stocking Your Business for Success, or even that you get DOUBLE Dual Team Bonus (for first 2 months while you bring in more people), but it is the most Powerful Mental Investment and you can make to a Commitment of making YOUR new home based business a Huge Success

Now want to know how to use it right?

Like AOL did to become the No1 Internet Provider overnight.
“GIVE IT AWAY” – Simply Sample your Way to Success”

After all everyone knows in Team Taurus –

“a Good Gold Pack, is a …..
GONE Gold Pack”

I am deliberately refraining from adding pages here on the benefits of “Going Gold”
as I’d like to encourage the members of Team Taurus to share why THEY benefited from committing to grow their OG Business with the Gold pack. (add comments below)

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  1. Whatever the the compensation plan aspects and advantages of going Gold are, here is what I found when I upgraded to the Gold pack after 7 days of joining OG.

    I felt that I had now really started my international coffee business. I had plenty of stock. I had stock to drink, I had stock to sell and I had stock to give away. And it is the giving it away that generates real benefits in OG. If you want to get customers for your business, give people coffee and tea to try. People love thus stuff. A colleague in my office buys three to four boxes every month without fail and has done so for 6 months. Another former brass banding colleague bought six boxes in one go after sampling the coffee.

    Set yourself up for success. Go Gold.

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