New Distributors – Early Objectives

Use this list to guide you through the Early Objectives
in as short a time frame as possible.

First 24-48 hrs:

  1. Build a list of 50 Coffee Drinks and 50 Opportunity Seakers
  2. Listen to Cash Cow, by Holton Buggs
  3. Book 4 Coffee Jazz Mixers (CJMs) with your Upline


First Week:

1.  Get 10 Retail Customers (using the Script)

(this helps build confidence and allows you to demo to your new team)

2.  Get ‘DUAL TEAM’

(As soon as you ‘Sponsor’ 2 People, you can begin earning Dual Team Commissions)
(if your enrolled with Bronze Pack – you earn 10% on Dual Team Bonus)
(if your upgraded to Silver Pack – you earn 15% on Dual Team Bonus)
(if your upgraded to GOLD PACK – you earn 20% on Dual Team Bonus)

 First Month:

3.  Get 5000 Volume
(Platinum Achiever Award)

(Getting 5000-10,000 volume in your first month will ensure you have a mix of
Distributors and Customers  and sets you up for Sapphire the following month)
(It also sends a clear signal to Team Leaders you are serious about growing your Business)

 Month 2:

4.  Sapphire

(by achieving Sapphire you have demonstrated your ability to both
Generate Business and Develop People)
(this gives you Team Status, Higher Commissions, Company Car Program
and Direct Support from Crown Ambassador – Jose Ardon)


from day 1 all the way to Sapphire and beyond
you must be developing the new Skills needed to become a more
Professional Network Marketer and Leader

Early Skill Focus:

1.  Getting Customers
Desensitising to using the Retail Call Script
2.  Building and Growing a List
3.  Inviting People
(to CJMs, Launches, Events, to view a Video)
4.  Showing the Plan
(Presentation, 1on1, Conference call)
Further Skill Focus:

1. Launching New Distributors for Success

2. Managing Team Successes

3. Finding and Attracting other Leaders



There are not many to learn, but MANY resources to help you
The absolute 2 Best on the Market are:
A – Cash Cow, by Holton Buggs
B – Go Pro, by Eric Worre

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