Are you Working with your Sponsor/Mentor?

Presently I am working with 3 Mentors:
Jose Ardon – Crown Ambassador
Ivan Tapia – Black Diamond
Daniel Grennon – Blue Diamond

I share this for the importance of being plugged in – Daniel is Not part of Jose’s team – but if you are ACTIVE and either on a role to Sapphire, or are Sapphire + and your energy tells them you are WILLING to do what it takes – you WILL get the support when you need it.

from each of these 3, I get fantastic strategy, mentality, and Where to focus tips, concerning not just MY efforts, but

YOUR efforts as my team…..

I am simply right now “Working with the Willing” as they say.

EACH of these Leaders suggest tapping into your direct upline AT LEAST once per week.

Now a funny thought hit me…. ALL (except Bobby) many of our team in the early days were business types…..

and reflecting on my own style, means we are LEAST likely to touch base/tap into/council with your upline,

especially when we know we might not have done what we know we should have done….

BUT as was recently suggested to me by Daniel Grennon, Blue Diamond and $1,000,000 ring earner for past year, ESPECIALLY when your growth is NOT going the way you want it, you should reach out to your upline… even if it is simply to ‘state your claim’ of what you WILL focus on for the week ahead…. i.e it helps keep you focussed OR there might be an even easier or efficient way of achieving what your are aiming for – perhaps even what you are trying to achieve is NOT the ideal focus>>>>>

case in hand – New Distributor – Bobby – close to 10,000 volume in his first 3 weeks – is working very hard to get MORE people – and this is GREAT….. but at the same time – is losing sight of his TEAM and NOT getting them ready for success (Retail Sales, CJM bookings and Dual Team) – by consulting…. within days this has been rectified and back on track..

case in hand – some of my team are spending LOTS of time helping their team – GREAT! – very much what I did… and like I did in the early days – lose focus of adding the 20/20 Vision (20 on left and 20 on right) and having *6* new signups per month…… resulting on a reliance of 1 or 2 legs to grow THEIR / MY business….

It was both Daniel and Jose who pointed this out to me recently and got me back on track to simply add another 10 to my team (4 new consultants this month and 2 to go)

so please –

I ENCOURAGE YOU to ‘park the Ego’

and tap into your Uplines and lets all get to the TOP ….. FASTER!

much love and respect my fellow Millionaires in the Making!

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