Sapphire Consultant :  Rob typifies the principles of Think and Grow Rich – if you believe it… you can achieve it…

Rob started out in life in the ‘Coronation St’ terraces of Salford, although not exactly a poor family, his parents divorced when he was eight years old forcing his mother to take three jobs to make ends meet. Rob wanted to do his bit to help, resulting in probably one of the first vehicle valeting ‘companies’ in the area. At just eight years old he had his first ‘contract’ cleaning a fleet of six vehicles for a local furniture company on a weekly basis. It soon became apparent that he had a head for business and figures and from that point on there would be no stopping him. During his teenage years he held down three jobs, consecutively, and continued to bring in the money. The continued cycle of work and school quickly saw him drop from a ‘top of the class’ student down the rankings with the ultimate wakeup call when he achieved just four GCSE’s….

The failure in his GSCE exams was the turning point in Rob’s life, he had gone from the dreams of becoming an accountant, to leaving school unskilled with bleak career prospects. Upon this realisation, Rob knew that he had to fix the situation – electing to go onto Sixth Form College. In the twelve months that followed, Rob took his qualifications from four GCSE’s up to thirteen GCSE’s – but realised that education just wasn’t for him…. He wanted to get into the real world, he wanted to make some money….

Over the years that followed Rob’s career progressed until finally finding an area that he could develop his skills and expertise. The UK was booming with the advent of mobile phones, somebody had to build their networks…

From the humble dwellings of a bedroom, Rob created an international company – building telecoms networks from the Indian Ocean to the Caribbean. The realism finally hit in 2006 when stood on stage, pitching for a £102Million contract – not bad for a lad from Salford…

With any success in business comes huge pressure and stress…. This was certainly true for Rob, things became so complicated, he’d been through the good times, the bad times and recessions and no longer loved what he was doing.

It was in 2014 when a friend introduced him to Organo Gold, at this time Rob was at rock bottom, both physically and mentally – the pressure and stress was taking it’s toll and he was on the verge of a breakdown. Having tried so many other ways to improve his wellbeing and being ‘addicted’ to coffee – it made sense just to give it a go.

In just under one week, Rob heard a noise that was unfamiliar, a noise that he hadn’t heard before… It was his alarm clock. Somehow this COFFEE had helped him to SLEEP…. This was unheard of, he was used to waking up through the night having panic attacks – how could COFFEE help him to SLEEP? Curious to find out more about the product, Rob bought a further five boxes of OG Black coffee and what happened over the following weeks could only be described as miraculous. The anxiety and stress slowly started to melt away, sleep patterns were improving and he didn’t seem to be reliant on his asthma inhaler – as he had before. The miraculous transformation of physical and mental health was soon noticed by his friends and colleagues – who suddenly wanted to try this ‘miracle cure’. It was at this point that the biggest business clue of the Organo Gold opportunity was realised….

The words of Victor Kiam ‘I liked it so much, I bought the company’ (Remington shavers), rung in Rob’s ears. Here was a gourmet coffee that had completely changed his health – he wanted in!

The term ‘right place, right time’ certainly rings true for what happened next, Rob was introduced to Shaun Adams – a meeting that has given Rob a definition of purpose, a true goal that will define the rest of his life.

Shaun had been ‘sent’ to the UK to establish the Organo Gold brand – the person who sent him was no other than the company’s highest earner, the first man in network marketing to turnover $5 Million in one month – Jose Ardon. By joining with Shaun, Rob positioned himself four steps from the top of the company. Unfortunately, Rob’s traditional business mind set kicked in and his Organo Gold journey was doomed from that point on.

Rob explains, “I was traditional business, I knew how to make money, I knew exactly how I could grow my Organo Gold business more effectively than I’d been shown. It took me seven months to admit my mistakes and to finally work in accordance with the system – the system created by Holton Buggs, the highest earner in the $178 Billion, network marketing industry – maybe that should have been a clue, he’s not the highest earner by accident…”

In January 2015, following an Organo Gold Super Saturday event in London, Rob made a decision. Here in his hands was an amazing opportunity, the timing was phenomenal – he was four steps from the top of the company, at the front of a new country, selling the second most consumed beverage on the planet, putting the health into people’s habits….

It’s Easy, It’s Simple, It’s Coffee….

Some things just make sense…. Getting paid for drinking and sharing coffee is one of them…

The fire inside was lit, from this point onwards there would be no deviation from the system, it would be all about building the business ‘the right way’ and following the system…

Since committing to the system, Rob has gone on to achieve Sapphire status and has developed one of the strongest teams within team Taurus and it continues to grow. Rob is committed to helping all of his team achieve their goals and achieve success. Working closely with Shaun Adams, he is committed to the education of the team and setting a strong foundation for future growth.

Rob says, “In joining the team you will be giving yourself the BEST possible chance for SUCCESS. I will work directly with you to reinforce the Organo Gold system, the system that is helping to create both financial and time freedom all over the globe. I will work with you, to help you realise your goals in accordance with the principals and ethics of the company.

Join with me.
Together Everyone Achieves Success.”

Entrapreneur and Telecoms Industry Mogul